Photo of the Week
October 25, 2020

This week we jump over to another great Canal Construction Day photo collection.  This collection is the Alfred G. Bedell collection.  Alfred is a Roosevelt Medal and two bar recipient for his time with the Canal.  He arrived on the Isthmus in November 1907 and was continuously employed in the transportation service in various kinds of work until he was transferred to the Panama Canal Records Bureau, Balboa Heights, November 1914. (From the 1914 Society of the Chagres Year Book). Alfred was a photographer and a pretty good one.  If you look at his right hand, he is holding what they call a bulb that hooked up to his camera.  When he gives it a squeeze, the camera takes a photo.  I call this photo "Hitting on a girl in an unfinished lock chamber".  I don't see any photos in the collection of someone resembling a wife.  Mostly groups of guys.

One great point of interest is the little square fob hanging from his belt.  This was his ID tag which was numbered.  He would gain access to certain areas and get his pay by showing this little tag.

More photos to come in the coming weeks from the Bedell collection.



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