Photo of the Week
August 2, 2020


I have been posting photos of people and groups of people for the past few weeks and we have another one for this week.  This is a unique photo showing the office force that worked for Chief Engineer Goethals.  They are seated in front of the same building that the movers and shakers were sitting last week.  This is the administration  building in the town of Culebra.  This photo is from 1911.  I started to look fro some of these in my Makers of the Panama Canal yearbook, but will have to study this more later.  I did find Ernest Hallen once again.  He is sitting in the second row up, third from the left.  I stated weeks ago I had never seen a picture with Ernest Hallen within and now I have found three photos.  He looks much younger in this photo compared to the photo I posted from 1927.  As official photographer for the I.C.C, he worked directly for Goethals.  Another interesting thing is that almost ever photo that Hallen took during the construction of the Panama Canal a copy was given to Goethals per his request.  The Goethals collection is now preserved at the United States Military Academy Library at West Point.  The library has a great website where you can view hundreds of these photos (click here).  These are the photos that Hallen handed over to Goethals.

Now.....for the best part of this photo!!  Sitting in the top row, in the middle, is a nice looking young lady.  I was shocked when I first saw her as I have never seen women in these all men photos.  I wonder who she is?  I looked through both copies of my Makers of the Panama Canal and couldn't find her.  I found a couple of other ladies, but two were teachers and the third a steward.  A new goal is to find out who this lady is.  I wonder if she worked for Goethals directly?  His secretary?  She is sitting right in front of Goethals.  She has a very nice smile while all the men in the photo are straight lipped. This is all very interesting indeed. 

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