Photo of the Week
August 4, 2019

This week we are moving upstairs in the old Strangers' Club as promised. As you came up the stairs and immediately to your left was a comfortable seating area with nice rattan furniture.  The windows are facing the city of Colon and the door opens out to a balcony where they would raise the Panama and U.S. flags. See the top photo in the July 14 photo of the week (Click here).

Standing in the same spot as above, turn left and the rest of the second floor can be seen.  To the left, is another firm furniture seating area and then to your right is what I would say is the Ball Room.  To your right and above is a elevated stage which can be seen better in the bottom photo.  This is where the band would be for the events held.  I can only imagine that there were some glorious dances held here in the second floor dance room.

Wow...what a wonderful old building which has been lost in time, and now resurrected with this set of old photos.  I am so pleased that I found these old photos to share with everyone.

This is the end of this set of photos, but I have additional information that I will start posting next week.



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