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December 2, 2007 

This photo was thrown in on a post card deal I recently made.  It is in really bad shape, but I felt it warranted a few hours of PhotoShop fixing.  I cleaned it up to my satisfaction and here it is.  I really like this photo or should I call it a impromptu snap shot.  As I have said in the past, I love personal photos because they are one of a kind and really capture a moment in history.  This photo is of a crew of men standing in front of some type of equipment, probably discussing the day's job with the boss, who must be the guy with the white tie.  These guys were tough. What a great snapshot in time.  A salute to the great men and women that were responsible for building one of the greatest engineering feats ever - the Panama Canal.

CZ Images contributor and visitor comments:


I think that equipment in the photo is a Duplex Steam Pump, they were
used to pump water and any other liquid.
The Oil Plant used big duplex  steam pumps to move the oil around the
The link below shows a small type used all around the Canal Zone but, we
ran them on compressed air. 

Richard Dillon BHS 61"

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