Photo of the Week
April 7, 2019

We return to the Thatcher Ferry with this week's photos sent in by CZImages contributor Marvin Hughey.  When Marvin saw the photo a couple of weeks ago, he dug out these two photos that his father took back in 1954.  Marvin writes:

"In reference of your photo of the week, March 17, 2019.  as usual this woke up some great memories. Attached are two old black-and-white photos that my father took on the ferry while taking me to my weekly Saturday  morning gun class at the Balboa Gun Club. Approximately date January or February 1954 with his old Argus C3 camera and not of the best quality just before he got his new one and all his later photo were color slides. Sorry I didn't send them sooner  had a hard time locating them.  I think the photos are some what unusual since they then were from the ferry. Loved those trips to the gun club and still have my old .22 target rifle, still shoot it every now and then.

Thanks for the memories. Keep up the great work."

It is sure wonderful when old photos trigger fond memories of our lives in the Canal Zone and better yet by sharing very unique and one of a kind photos such as those Marvin sent in.  I can't tell the name on this ferry.  I am thrilled that the photo has captured the old Navy pier in the distance that was off of the 15th Naval District area in Amador.  My dad used to take me fishing off this old pier when I was little kid.  The old pier was torn down later in life probably from disrepair.  The old pier end that was made of concrete remained out in the water.  I am not sure if it is still there today.  You can see the white hulls of boats beyond the pier from the Balboa Yacht Club.

The photo below is a bit rough, but appears to be a quick snap photo showing some of the passengers on the ferry.  Ancon Hill is seen in the distance.

Thank you Marvin for sharing these wonderful captures in time.


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