Photo of the Week
April 24, 2005 

      Another classic personal photo for this week's photo.  This one sent in by CZ Images contributor Perry Truxton.  The scene is an old car called the Ceino Wagon with Paul and Robert Turner standing in front.  Perry notes that this old truck took them on many jungle adventures back in 1948.  The license plate is a 1948  Panama plate.  Not sure why there isn't a Canal Zone plate.
     The most important part of this photo and is the main reason I am posting it is the original Balboa Stadium bleachers are still in tack when this photo was taken.   Many of us Baby Boomers that attended BHS after the removal of the old bleachers only remember the slanted cement buildings that remained.  These cement buildings or structures that still stand today are the bases of the grand old bleachers you see in this photo.
     During the many years of attending high school games and later organizing special events in this field, I often wondered what it looked like when the old super structure sat on these old cement foundations.  

     This photo shows a great representation of that.  Thanks for sharing this great old photo Perry.

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