Photo of the Week
July 11, 2023

Well, I survived the reunion, but took a toll on me, but that is okay.  It was a total success and all the attendees had a great time.  I haven't heard any negative comments so hallelujah.  These photos I am posting are from the decoration room, which not many see or even know exists.  Here we have the principle decorators, Margaret my bride and Stefanie our good friend and former business partner with the old flower shop.  These decorations that they are working on are musical notes center pieces for the Annual Luncheon where we had a fantastic musical production held.  Almost 600 people in attendance.  The little busses (originally designed by Rupert Turner) are part of the decorations for the Annual Ball.  There were also Dendrobum Cyliner vases for the ball.  I didn't get a chance to take a photo of them  as the orchids arrived late.  Lots of hours go into the decorating for the reunion.  They had 92 tables in the ballroom and 72 at the luncheon.  Thank you Margaret and Stefanie along with Eddie and Debby Sykes.



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