Photo of the Week
February 3, 2018

Okay....I unintentionally  fibbed last week.  I thought we were at the conclusion of the weeks long study of the Gatun Spillway and Hydroelectric Plant until I found this photo while cataloging the Ralph Sartor photo collection.  I couldn't resist to post this photo when I found it as it is very historic.  As you can see it has a note in the bottom right corner stating: "Opening Day Gatun Spillway - Dec-29-1913."  Fantastic!!  This must have been a fanfare day for this historic event.  You can see people on the bridge and on the catwalk above the gates in the distance.  The Hydo Plant is still under construction as the roof isn't done and the side windows are boarded up.  Four years later they will be extending the power plant as we saw two weeks  ago.

Ralph Sartor was a Panama Canal Construction worker and Roosevelt Medal holder.  He was a heck of a photographer and there are hundreds of great photos in his collection.  I have posted many of Ralph's photos in the past on the CZ Images website.  His photos and memories in photos continues today here on


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