Photo of the Week
March 17, 2024

I was searching through my endless things looking for a program disk and found an old box with 35mm slides.  I started going through them and recognized that these slides were from my dear old friend Perry Truxton (RIP).  Perry was a self made photographer and took some great old captures in time.  I am posting one that caught my eye and had to post it.  Here we have two pretty girls with their fancy dresses on posing for Perry to take the photo.  What really caught my eye was in the background is Albrook Field.  This photo is late 1940's vintage.  It is apparent that the girls were posing on a grassy area next to the Albrook passenger terminal, when Albrook Field was both commercial and military.  This terminal building would eventually turn into the Civil Affair Building for the Canal Zone Government.  I was a magnificent architectural masterpiece that was eventually destroyed in Operation Just Cause. At least the meaningful parts of the old building.  I remember going to the Canal Zone Library which was housed in this building and used to walk around and marvel at how nice the architecture was with marble floors and walls.  Most of all was the stained-glass window at the top of the stairs that was designed with all the flags of Central and South America.  Every Zonian remembers this window.  It was one of the victims of Operation Just Cause.  I am glad Perry took this photo and gave it to me before he passed.  It is a lost period of time in our Canal Zone history.



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