Photo of the Week
March 23, 2008 

Another fantastic capture in time.  The photo is a great shot of the Panama Railroad Class 651 - 662  Brooks Locomotive.  The locomotive in this photo is 652 pulling a passenger train towards the Pacific side.  The towers and buildings in the background is a portion of the U.S. Navy, Darien Radio Station.  The Darien Radio Station was very significant in it's day as a means of wireless communication between the Panama Canal Zone and the United States.  Read this 1915 article from the New York Times (Click Here).  The Darien Radio Station was located up from Gamboa towards Gatun Lake near Mamei Curve.  The radio station was eventually abandoned when more modern means of communication came about.  My brother and I explored the area and found the foundations of the towers along with many of the large insulators that were used.  The area is now over grown with thick jungle.

Another chapter in the history of the Panama Canal Zone.

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