Photo of the Week
May 6, 2018

It never ceases to amaze me of what can be found.  This past week, I visited a fellow Zonian that had a bunch of books and photos that his dad had left him.  While going through the collection of items, this photo fell out of a book onto the table.  I looked at it and wondered what the heck!!?  This is the from a October 1992 UPS Calendar.  At first I thought it was a PhotoShopped photo, but why would UPS do something like that?  I was still living in Panama in 1992 and I don't remember UPS being there, but it appears the company was there and advertising their presence.  There is no caption that goes with this photo, but it is clearly a UPS van on top of Cerro Luisa overlooking the town of Pedro Miguel and Miraflores Lake.  You gotta love what can be found out there.


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