Photo of the Week
October 23, 2011

Moving on with a new personal collection from Dick White's uncle's collection.  This photo was taken in Balboa on January 2, 1915.  The hand writing on the back of the photo says, "A baseball game - Balboa - January 3, 1915.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in getting rock from this hill for roads and break water (referring to Ancon Hill in the background). - Behind palms is the Balboa Hotel where we bachelors eat. - The other houses are bachelor quarters".  In looking at the angle, this ball park may have been in the Balboa Flats area.  It is interesting that there are those Royal Palm with age showing in the background where the author stated that the hotel is.  

Wonderful photo of the very early days of Balboa.  More photos from this set to come in the week's to come.

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