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August 16, 2010 

These two photos this week continue  with the Muybridge collection of 1875..  Here are two other photos that must have been taken the same day as last week's photos.  Here we are still in Cathedral Plaza but looking the opposite direction.  Now we are facing the Cathedral.  You can see the white colored monument to the right of the Cathedral where last weeks photos were taken from.  I would say Muybridge is now standing on the second or third balcony of the Grand Central Hotel.  Note the time is 8:25 in the morning according o the clock on the Cathedral. 

The photo below is titled "Plaza de la Catedral, Edificio del Cabildo".  I looked up the meaning of Cabildo and I found the definition below.

(Spanish: “municipal council”), the fundamental unit of local government in colonial Spanish America. Conforming to a tradition going back to the Romans, the Spaniards considered the city to be of paramount importance, with the surrounding countryside directly subordinate to it. In local affairs each municipality in Hispanic America was governed by its cabildo, or council, in a manner reminiscent of Castilian towns in the late Middle Ages. A council’s members, regidores (councillors) and alcaldes ordinarios (magistrates), together with the local corregidor (royally appointed judge), enjoyed considerable prestige and power.

With this title, I am assuming this building housed the government offices of the time and what a more fitting area to be located as in Cathedral Plaza.

Remember, Panama was still part of Columbia at this time, so there was no President or Presidential Palace.  This has gotten very interesting on my part and have had good responses from CZ Images visitors that have enjoyed these historic Muybridge photos.


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