Photo of the Week
May 21. 2006 

I came across an interesting photo that was recently taken by a customer of my wife's flower shop.  John Durr took a recent cruise and snapped a bunch of great photos during his transit through Gatun Locks.  The photo that caught my eye was the one above.  A few years ago, the Panama Canal Authority removed all the old miter gate gear driven assemblies that opened and closed the miter gates.  These assemblies were the original ones installed when the locks were built.  The have now been replaced by hydraulic assemblies.  I have seen photos elsewhere showing these original assemblies piled up for disposal.  Well, the folks at the Gatun Locks went the extra mile and has a working display mounted on the lock's side wall as shown in the photo.  This is really great and hope to see this first hand on my next trip to Panama.  Thanks for the great photo John.

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