Photo of the Week
March 24, 2000

Here is a really great photo that I acquired recently.  The photo was taken at Bruja Point, Fort Kobbe at either Battery Murray or Haan. I don't have a year, but was probably taken in the '30s.  The subject matter is some really classic stuff!  We have the 1st Battalion of the 33rd Infantry posing while on maneuvers.  They are posing in front of one of four of the famous 16 inch Barbette Carriage (BC) costal artillery armament defending the Panama Canal.  This weapon had the range of 45,000 yards.  Another great part of this photo is that a railroad crane and steam locomotive are present as support.  The locomotive is the same class locomotive as "Ole 299" and is numbered as 251.  There were several of these old Canal construction day locomotives used to support the defense installations of the Panama Canal Coastal Artillery.  I can't say enough about this photo!  What a great moment in history captured here.  I hope to have a complete presentation of the early days of Fort Kobbe and the coastal defense in the future.  This photo was taken by W/O J. Fisher of the 33rd Infantry.

For now, please visit my latest presentation of the same subject matter, but at Fort Sherman...(Click Here)

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