Photo of the Week
February 24, 2008 

We have had a wonderful time on vacation in Panama.  Sadly we depart tomorrow back to the U.S.  A highlight yesterday was going back to good old Gamboa for a visit.  We took the cable car ride up to the top of Cerro Palado and had a great view of the Canal, Chagres River and surrounding jungle.  I will post some of the photos I took in the coming months.  The highlight of our Gamboa visit was finding our old church open and we were able to go inside.  This is the top floor of the Gamboa Catholic Church, Our Lady of Good Councel.  She still stands strong after 75 years.  I posted a couple of outside shots of the church in the past. (Click Here) (Click Here)

Today's treat will be attending Mass at St. Mary's in Balboa.


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