Photo of the Week
June 13, 2004 

     This week's image leads to a wonderful piece of history.  For you Curundu folks and those that prowled in Curundu, you will recognize the sketch above.  It is the Curundu Theater.  I remember vividly watching Yellow Submarine in this theater.  This sketch was scanned from a priceless booklet that I recently obtained on ebay.  The booklet is called, Your Souvenir of the Grand Opening of the Curundu Community Center dated August 31, 1943.  There are more sketches of the Clubhouse, Commissary, and Post Office.  There is all kinds of historical facts and information within the booklet as well.  
      Now, here is the best part!!!  I have scanned all ten pages of this booklet for all of you to enjoy.  I have saved the document as a .pdf file with all ten pages in the one file.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download if you don't already have it Click Here.
       This file is a little large (3.3MB), but well worth the wait if you have dial up connection.  Because it is a .pdf, you will be able to print it easily once opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader. I left the booklet in it's original color, condition and size after scanning it. 

Click Here to View the Booklet

Long live the memories of the Panama Canal Zone!!

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