Photo of the Week
December 13, 2015

These two photos are going to be a study until I can find the actual narration done by Kibby Bouche pertaining to the photos.  The rest of the story next week.

Anyway...Nina Brown sent me an interesting photo last week showing an old cement school house amongst some old wooden quarters.  Her question was is this Pedro Miguel or Gatun. After we both studied the photo, it was decided that it was Gatun.  Well here are two photos that may shed some light on the study as the above photo shows the Gatun School house in the distance and some major excavation being done in the foreground.  A few weeks ago,  I had some NOW photos of the old Gatun Catholic Church and Bomb Shelters.  I referred to  the valley behind the ridge of housing along the street that the old church and housing was on.  This was truly a valley ... so to speak, but it appears to have been man made.  These two photos which appear to be in the 1930's must have been taken while Gatun was being renovated into the newer town and houses that we all knew.  Above and below we have major excavation of the terrain below the old housing ridge line.  

I will listen to Kibby's narration this week to find out what his take on this action was.  These are two very rare captures in time.

Post script: I listened to Kibby's narration on a CD and he skipped these two photos in his explainations.



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