Photo of the Week
February 21, 2016

We have visited the famed Morgan's Garden on CZ Images in the past, but this week we return with some great photos that I found in a group of 35mm slides that my Father-in-Law took back in the 1950's.  Many have asked if I had any photos of the bohio and pool and I didn't until I found these.

Top Photo #1 is the narrow road up to the main compound. 

Next #2 is a nice photo of the bohio you could see from Galliard Highway which was the Morgan's rest and relaxation spot.

Next  #3 is another photo of the bohio and that wonderful old swimming pool.  During the Morgan's Garden fair each year, they set up a dunking machine that you could throw a ball and knock someone in the water.

Last #4 the the cement trail, stairs and hand rail down to the lower level of the gardens.

These are some priceless captures in time and some great memories.

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