Photo of the Week
October 8, 2023

Not to get too crazy with Ireland trip photos, but have to still share a few more and will return to the Canal Zone.

The photo above is the well known St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland.  The best part of this photo was the photo bomb by the Pigeon seen in the foreground.  There are plenty of Pigeons in Ireland and me thinks that St. Patrick cast out all the snakes in Ireland and replaced the snakes with Pigeons.  This is a great capture.

We ventured inside for an hour and what a feeling walking around in this Gothic architecture church built in 1192.  You could smell the age and feel the ghosts within.  Lots of history here. 

I was fascinated by the sculpture below and didn't get the artist or age of it.  I am still looking.  I should have taken a photo of the plate on the front of the pedestal.  The figure is of course St. Patrick with his hands out banishing the snakes from Ireland.  What a intense sculpture.


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