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October 11, 1998

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The 11th of October has been a big day in Panama for years.  On October 11, 1968, General Omar Torrijos took control of the Republic of  Panama while the recently elected President, Arnulfo Arias was watching a movie.  The National Guard had seized control of the Presidential palace, television and radio stations and the nation.  Arnulfo Arias used back streets to seek asylum in the Canal Zone.  His last and shortest-lived presidency had ended. 

Once Panama went under military control, the slogan "11 de Octubre" rang out for years,  just like this Panama Defense Force Badge states in the upper part of the shield.  The other famous saying, "Toda Por La Patria" was common up until the end of Noriega's reign.  There is no more holiday in Panama for the "11 de Octubre".   That is done and finished.  It is so sad to think about all those that have suffered and died because of these confused years.  I just hope they are not repeated after Uncle Sam leaves.

The best part is that this day is no longer a holiday back home.

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