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December 23, 2001

Booted and Furred and straight from not the North Pole Gamboa, Santa Claus visits the Paraiso kindergarten just before Christmas.  Later he made stops at La Boca and Santo Tomas Hospital.  It is not strange that his helpers are in police and police guard uniforms, for Santa has come from Gamboa penitentiary to bring the gifts that convicts there made during the year for some to young folk of the Canal Zone and Panama.

 The Panama Canal Review January 1, 1954

When I found this week's photo and story behind it, I thought, "What a great place we lived in!" One way or another, all Zone kids were taken care of.  These children have faces of joy for the great gifts that Santa has given them.  I visited the Gamboa Penitentiary shops many times while it was still under the Canal Zone Government's control to purchase items made by the "penitentiary guests".  Good they had a first rate shop there.  God...I miss the days of the Canal Zone!!

And on this note...Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope that the photos and memories I have provided in the past years and weeks give you a little cheer and reminisce about the very, very good days we all lived in another life.

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Christmas on the Isthmus Story by Sue Gore

I won't be home next weekend and there won't be a  "Photo of the Week" on December 30th.  We will be up in a cabin on the side of a mountain in Western North Carolina.  My family and I wish all of you a GREAT New Year in 2002.  Blessings to you all and long live the memory of the Canal Zone.

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