Photo of the Week
October 31, 2021

This week's photo is a really wild one and thought I would post it on Halloween.  I have a large photo collection from an estate of Edward Charles Schultz by the name of Essie.  Have posted many of Schultz's photos here in the past all are historically prime subject and subject matter.  I have always liked personal photographer collections and not just snap shots.  A scout for the American Experience that create films for PBS contacted me after they found some of Schultz's photos on my website and wanted to know if I would share.  I did and there were quite a few they wanted and had to scan them at 1200 dpi to be used in the film.  Getting them to them was another job, but it all worked out.

Now...the morbid photo above was in the Schultz collection and I figured that it was taken in Panama during the construction days, but don't know that for a fact.  There was an abundance of cadavers during the construction days so it makes sense.  I looked up the photographer, who's name is on the side of the post card, a H H Bregstone who is a well known photographer of baseball players starting in 1908.  Bregstone is from the St. Louis, Missouri area.  There is bunch of information on Bregstone, but none of it having him in Panama.  I see that many of his baseball player photos go for lot's of money.  I wonder if the one above would be worth something?

I paid quite a lot of money back in 2009 for this collection and although the American Experience compensated me for use of the photos, I would be willing to sell this one.  Pretty creepy.  I would hate to be the living guy on the table.

After posting this a CZImages follower wrote in and told me he found this same photo on the Internet and someone evidently added the Vice Versa sign.  The original sign said, "A Students Dream".  After looking around at length on the Internet, there are many similar photos.  Lots of photos of medical student dissecting cadavers. So...some got cute and reversed the scene with the cadavers dissecting the studends.


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