Photo of the Week
October 28, 2012

Another old photo from the collection of Ralph Sartor and another classic showing the life and times of construction day workers.   The writing on the back of the photo says, "Outing a Porto Bello, "Jack" treats the crowd to a soda.  The Gateway to old Spanish fort."  This capture in time is priceless as with most of Ralph's photos.  Visitors to Porto Bello in this era was surely by boat from Colon.  With the quarry across from this fort, there must have been many boats going to and from Colon and Porto Bello those days.  As a bottle collector, I love old photos showing bottles in use.  I zoomed in but could clearly see what the label may have said, but it is a clear soda bottle with a dark liquid within.

As I have said in the past, I love photos with people in them, especially at leisure.  I will be posting more of "People" pictures in the weeks to come from the Sartor collection.

Another great capture in time.

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