Photo of the Week
December 11, 2011

As a continuation of last week's photos, "Early Gatun Buildings", here are a couple of good photos.

Above, is another photo taken from the Gatun administration building looking toward what will eventually become Gatun Lake.  The not yet flooded lake bed can be seen beyond the roof the the building which was the Gatun Commissary.  The new relocated Panama Railroad line is between the commissary and cut out hill.  The train station cannot be seen because of the commissary building.  We will have another view next week that the photographer took standing down by the tracks.  The bridge in the foreground allows a means to cross over the new railroad and on to the road we all knew as Bolivar Hwy. which runs through the the town of Gatun.   There are some large quarters shown along this road in the photo along with the town's water supply tank.  The Gatun Club House / YMCA building which was the same architecture and other construction day towns had and can be seen in other photo's of the week. Note the power pole with glass insulators for the wires that go down towards the commissary building.  I found many of these type of insulators while bottle hunting the old construction towns.  Great photo!!

Below is another photo of the Type 14 House that I discussed and showed construction plans for two weeks ago. These two are two new ones under construction. 

More to come next week...

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