Photo of the Week
June 17, 2007 

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there.  I thought about what I wanted to post today and decided to post one of my most favorite and precious photos that I have as a Dad.  My family and I had the best years of our life living in Fort Gulick in the mid to later 1980s.  We moved there when our daughter Allison was very young and growing up in her early years couldn't have been better than living on the Atlantic Side of the Canal Zone.  We did so many things in the outdoors such as fishing, going to Shimmy Beach in Fort Sherman, searching for beads and coins at Fort San Lorenzo and more.  We were always on the go and my little girl was right there with us and never had a complaint.  The photo above was a very memorable photo for our family!  This was Allison's first caught fish.  We bought her a little pink kid's fishing rig, put a minnow on it and bam...she caught her first fish.  It was a Peacock Bass out of Gatun Lake.  We had the best fishing in the waters around Fort Gulick on the inside of the Monte Lerio Bridge.  We would rent a John Boat from the Fort Gulick Aquativity Center and head on out.  Those were certainly some of the best days of our lives.  Ali proved to be a great fisher girl as years went on.  She even has me topped with the biggest Peacock Bass caught in our family.

Thank you God for a wonderful life with my wonderful daughter and wife.

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