Photo of the Week
December 28, 2014

Back to the aerials this week.  My friend and long time CZ Images contributor Vicente Pascual sent me this really GREAT aerial photo of Panama City and a portion of Ancon from 1952.  This is a wonderful capture in time of how things looked 62 years ago.  A portion of the Tivoli Hotel is seen in the far right of the photo along with the Ancon Elementary School, Gym, Commissary, St. Luke's Cathedral, the old court house and more.  4th of July Ave. was just a 2 lane road at the time.  Fort Amador is seen in the distance with the Canal and islands beyond.  Central Ave., the heart throb  of the city is center in the photo and most interesting is the Panama Railroad Station is still in business as you can see the covered passenger loading area behind the station along the tracks.  The old Panama Railroad rolling stock area still exists with freight cars parked for loading and unloading.  These track went all the way down to the docks off Panama City.

What a great photo!!  Thank you Vicente!!

By the time I post the next photo, it will be 2015!!  Can you imagine that?? Wow has time flown by.  Happy New Year to all my visitors.


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