Photo of the Week
September 10, 2000

Very old photo of taken from Ancon Hill looking North.  This swampy forested area would one day become Albrook Air Force Base.  The Curundu River is seen running through the swamp.  This river was diverted under ground and through a large ditch system when Albrook Field was built.  Corozal is just beyond the two hills in the distance. The building at the base of the hill is presumed to be the old French Insane Asylum.  The following two photos show a progressive taming of the land.  The above photo is provided by Historian George Chevalier.  The two photos below are from my collection.  These three photos were taken in almost the same area on Ancon Hill. Very interesting!!  Another historical piece of the great American accomplishments in the Panama Canal Zone.  Move the mountains, flood the land and fill the swamps....

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