Photo of the Week
April 20, 2015

As a follow up to last week's photo of the week, CZ Images contributor Nina Brown sent me a photo that see took of the new Panama Supreme Court building in the old Gorgas Hospital complex.  I mentioned last week that the old hospital complex was now the home of Instituto Oncologico Nacional, Panama's Ministry of Health, and its Supreme Court.  This Supreme Court is now housed in was was Section C (a.k.a. Gorgas Apartments) which I have identified in the photo below.  They took this old building and made a very handsome office building from it.  Nina mentioned in her email, "the CZ buildings were built to last so they simply took one that couldn't be sold and remodeled it."

Nina's photo was taken from the hill side of the building off of Culebra Road.

Thank you for sharing this very nice photo Nina...



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