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December 22,  2002

    This week's image is a precious Christmas Wish from 1916.  I bring it back to life here in 2002.  This old Christmas card was from a soldier stationed at Fort Grant (known in modern times as Fort Amador), Canal Zone to his lover back home in the U.S.  The writing on the card says:

Fort Grant
                  Canal Zone

Dec. 19, 1916

Miss Lula Wilson

    True that I bear you 
                still in mind.

     Where the oceans meet in Panama
                theres where I love to meet you

  Mr. Clarence Clinton Wickham
         Written on the Canal in Panama


Clarence's hand writing looks to be that of a young man with the school type penmanship still very evident in his pencil strokes.  Keeping that in mind, note how he closes the letter.  Very formal writing out his entire name with Mr. in front.  I am not sure why he didn't use his rank, or possibly he was a civilian.  He also sketched this little picture on the card which may indicate he was a Navy man.  

I love personal memorabilia like this as it makes me think about who this person was. Was he sitting on the rocks of the causeway looking out into the Canal as I have many times or was he up in one of the large Coastal Artillery gun emplacements on Noas Island defending the Panama Canal?  

Another great piece of our Canal Zone history!

May all of you have a Blessed and Joyous Christmas and Holiday Season.  I pray our New Year be better for all of us with Peace and Love in our world.

Note:  No "Photo of the Week" on December 29th.  My family and I will be relaxing in a cabin on the side of a mountain in North Carolina.  No computers in site! :o}

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