Photo of the Week
February 8, 2015

After posting last week's photo I was contacted by a new CZ Images contributor Ken Hirsch who worked for FAA in Panama from 1971 - 1973 and took this magnificent photo of almost the same subject matter as last week.  The beauty of this photo is that is a personally take photo and not he standard photo of the Gamboa Bridge photo.  There is so much shown in this photo is is unreal.  On the East Bank of the Canal you have the Panama Railroad track line, the Gamboa Penitentiary, Gamboa Bridge, Chagres River, the town of Gamboa and Dredging Division.  On the West Bank, you have land that used to be Bas Obispo,  the Mandinga River empting into the cut, the islands of Mata Chin and Santa Cruz.  The split between the larger Santa Cruz Island and the mainland is where the 1855 railroad line went through up until they flooded the lake and canal.  The smaller island is all that is left of the old town of Matachin which has so much history behind it's existence. 

What a fantastic capture in time!  Thank you so much for sending this fine old photo in Ken.

More to come.


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