Photo of the Week
March 9, 2008 

Wow!!! What a great photo for this week's photo of the week!  While going through an old photo album that I have, I found this simply wonderful old photo which I call, "Pay Day in Balboa".  I find this photo so very interesting as it shows locomotive 215 (a 299 sister) cruising up where La Boca Road is today. It has come to a stop in front of St. Mary's Catholic Church and the old Balboa Restaurant (later being the CZ Police Station) to pay Panama Canal employees.  The pay car that 215 is pulling has "United States Pay Car" imprinted on the side of the car. I have seen many post cards of pay cars in the Culebra Cut, Gorgona and all along the Canal construction town route, but never in the big city!

Long live our Canal Zone history..

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