Photo of the Week
September 18, 2016

Well...Here we are again in Colon.  Bill Fall sent me the photo above a couple of weeks ago and it really caught my eye, imagination and extreme curiosity. Here is this old building still standing proud after who knows how many years.  I was told that it is in the 3rd / 4th streets and Bolivar / Front Streets as a general vicinity and not exact.  Bill took this photo from a car window while doing a drive around in Colon.  This must have been a important building in it's day carrying the famous name "Holly Wood".  After the curiosity got to me, I of course went on an hour Google search to find out anything I could about this old building.  I found the two photos below of the same building but not too much history.  The middle photo came from a Word Press site called muziktimetv507.  The caption translated says "This building in the 90s and 80s worked as a hotel and laundry currently in poor condition".  I don't know what the 90s and 80s being out of order mean or if they are talking about 1800s or 1900s.  It makes sense that it could have been a hotel in it's glory days.  The photo on the bottom I found on a website called latinflyer - Glimpsing a glorious past in Colon Panama travel photos.  Once again no history. 

As I did my searching for information, I came across some heart breaking photos taken in Colon which was once a beautiful city.  It is so depressing that this historical city has gone down so very bad.  Not to mention those that live there.  Not too far from this building is a newly built tourist cruise ship facility that tourists are allowed to depart the ship and shop within the confines of the facility as Colon is off limits for the tourists for safety reasons.

If anyone can share any information about this old building ... please contact me.


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