Photo of the Week
July 19, 2020

Here is a follow up to last week's photo.  I mentioned that the man first in the bottom row was Thomas I. Grimison and was the Great Grandfather of my friend Richard Grimison, well Richard sent me this old photo from 1926 taken in Balboa.  Richard sent me a discription for this photo:

Richard wrote: "Yes, my Great-Grandfather.  He and his wife Jessie moved to Panama in 1907 from Pennsylvania.  He was a train conductor during construction and went on to work for the RR and later Marine Traffic.  I think it may have been published in the Canal Record some time back.   He and my Great Grandmother retired to Gorgona Beach.  They had the house right in front of where the fisherman kept their boats.  Built the house with surplus supplies purchased from section I.  Attached is a pic of the family when they lived on Barnaby St.  My Great-Grandparents, Tom & Jessie and their three kids, Helene, Janice, and Thomas Richard, my Dad's father who I am named after!"

Thank you Richard for sharing this wonderful old photo and the story behind it.


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