Photo of the Week
November 14,  2010 

This week's photo is a photo from the same collection as last week's photo.  Since last week's photo, I have had two CZ Images visitors comment on the Balboa Community Building.

Comment 1: "I do remember a wooden building like this behind the elementary school& did live up on Morgan Avenue to have seen that building. But in my day it was a BHS band building (Mr. Branstetter) with the CZJC men's dormitory (Freddie Aleguas from CHS stayed there). These are facts, not something I heard, I saw them. The elementary school gym was located there later, but I never was in it. Now, I'm wondering if your picture predates the clubhouse & was converted after the clubhouse was constructed. Those would be the days when the elementary school was wooden."

Comment 2: "The same basic building plan of the Balboa Community Bldg. was also built in Pedro Miguel.  But when I went to school at the Elementary school, there, the bldg was used as our gymnasium-located at the bottom of the hill behind the rear of the school."

While looking through this same collection, I found this great photo which leads to a bit of questions.  I don't think the wooden building was that of the Balboa Community Building as it's roof is not as high as that in last week's photo.  The community building must have been one of those buildings along Carr Street like Kibby states in his narration or it was torn down and the building you see behind the school was built after.  I listened to Kibby's  tape again and he did mention that the community building did serve as a CZJC men's dormitory.  The trouble is that I couldn't get dates for either of the photos so this may remain a mystery.

Off in the distance you can see St. Mary's Catholic Church perched off the foot of Sosa Hill.

Note: I am scheduled for back surgery tomorrow morning and ask everyone for their prayers.  I am quite nervous as to be expected, but hope all goes well. I have to get my life back to normal and the only way to do it is have the surgery.


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