Photo of the Week
July 14,  2002

   Okay..vain as can be!!!  Here I am with my proud first harvest of Aji Chumbo Peppers that I picked today off my bushes.  I was hoping to have this many peppers ready for the reunion last week, but they were not.  

These peppers are grown from the seeds of a wonderful old bush down at the Gamboa Marina boat ramp.  These are the best peppers I have ever come across.  I have several bushes growing now and they all yield these very big, flavorful...and hot peppers.  You cannot make authentic tasting Ceviche, Empanadas, or Chumbo Sauce without these babies...

I will be processing these tomorrow for future Chumbo Sauce....

A little piece of Panama here in Florida....they still taste the same......

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