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October 22, 2023

One more Ireland trip photo.

While walking down or up the main shopping street in Galway in Ireland, I spotted this interesting work of art.  I probably wouldn't have seen it, but I stopped for a chat with a gentleman setting up the patio of a pub.  I looked up and spotted this sculpture and asked the gentleman, "what's up with the rabbit?"  He sternly told me that is a Hare and not a rabbit.  He said, "that is a Curious Hare in his strong Irish accent".  Well I suppose the Hare is curious and noisy looking through his rather large binoculars.  I love the humor of the Irish.  What a fantastic trip we had and hope to do it again someday.  Visiting the land of my family roots was what it made so great.  I told people my full name of William Patrick McLaughlin and I was like one of them.  I made good friends with a tour guide of ours by the name of Padraic which is Irish for Patrick.  What a wonderful person and made our all day tour on the Wild Atlantic Way the best ever.  This tour explored the Connemara:

"Bounded by the Atlantic and set within a particularly scenic corner of County Galway, the region is famous for its wild terrain and soft colors. Rust-colored bogs are dotted with polished grey-blue lakes; old dry-stone walls are threaded over hills; and coral beaches, sandy bays and little harbors are edged by an ever-changing ocean.

Connemara is not just about the landscape, though Ė itís about the Irish language, cherished by the locals. Itís about the charm of towns and villages such as Leenane, Roundstone, Clifden and Letterfrack. Itís about the ponies, the music, the pure flavors of local food. Itís about as good as it gets."

I purchased green bead bracelet made of Connemara marble and I will treasure it forever.

Until next week,
SlŠinte or cheers.  When you tip a pint of Guinness, you say SlŠinte. 

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