Photo of the Week
November 6, 2005 

      This week's photo is a classic photo of the Canal Zone's early Fire Department.  I recently obtained this old photo post card.  The first moment I laid eyes on it, I had to have it!  Reducing it in size for the Internet does not give the viewer the opportunity to get up close and study it.  I scanned it in at 300 dpi with a target size of 12"x 8" which allowed me to zoom in close enough to see the hair on these Firemen's face.  I have spent the last hour and half cleaning up and studying the old photo close up.  The post card didn't identify what Fire Station this is and would have never known unless I did this enlarging process.  I have enlarged (see below) the two men and the black eyed dog below so you can see what I mean.  If you look at the Sergeant's helmet, you can see CZ FD above the visor, but best of all, you can just make out the word Empire on the crown of the helmet.  So, here we are looking at some, if not all of the town of Empire's Fire Department.  Don't you love the dog?!  
       Another interesting thing I could see when zoomed in is the fire extinguisher on the side of the wagon.  Remember those copper fire extinguishers that almost every Zonian had and use as a lamp base? I have one!  Well, this extinguisher on the wagon is one of them! 
        I could go on and on, but will leave the rest up to you.  Next week, I will have another Fire Department photo.

God I love this stuff...


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