Photo of the Week
November 7, 2021

At first glance at this week's photo, you would think, so what a Diablo Rojo bus, we have all seen them, but......this one is special.  I live in a small rural area in Central Florida where farm equipment, pick up trucks and groups of Harley Davidson motor cycles travel the roads.  The other day while coming home from the grocery store I noticed this multi color bus parked on a lot along the road.  I looked at it closer and sure enough, it was a Diablo Rojo with all kinds of pictures painted on it representing Panama.  The bus has 507 PTY painted all over it and I guess that is the bus's name.  507 being Panama's country code and PTY for Panama.  It sure is strange to see something so like Panama in the little cow poke town I live in.  Go figure.

Well...I did some research and found out that the bus isn't actually from Panama but the idea of the paintings are the creation a man by the name of Giovanni Armas owner of the bus.  Armas was born in Puerto Rico and his mother Panamanian and father Cuba.  Growing up in Panama, Armas was always intrigued by the Diablo Rojo busses.  Armas contacted two artists from Panama that came to the Tampa, Florida to paint and decorate the bus.  The dream Armas has is to create this symbol of Panama for those Panamanians that live in Tampa to remember  their folklore, their flag and national culture.  Among plans is to enable it as a king of "party bus" or where you can celebrate different personal events such as weddings and quinceañera.  Through this bus "we want to show the beauty of Panama", emphasizes Armas.  Source: La Prensa on-line

Well, I am not sure what happened to all the dreams as now it sits in this little cow poke town.  Maybe we can hire it for the reunion.


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