Photo of the Week
March 9, 2014

This week's photo is a really grand one.  I have looked for years to find a photo of the old Ancon Gas Station and finally found one in an old publication.  I remember when my Dad used to buy gas at this station.  I was young and don't remember too many details about it, but when I saw this photo, I remembered it.  This was a Panama Canal Supply Division gas station that preceded La Boca gas station.  When they planned to build all the new concrete housing in Ancon, the relocated the gas station to La Boca, which made more sense because the new location would be right next to the La Boca tank farm.  I looked in my 1959 Panama Canal Phone book and see that the gas station is still showing on the map as building 612.  It must have been relocated shortly after 1959. This photo was taken from Mindi Street which had no housing at the time of this photo.  The old hanger that burned down during Operation Just Cause is seen in the distance on the right and Albrook field in the background. 

What a great blast from the past.  I bet many people never knew this gas station ever existed.


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