Photo of the Week
April 23. 2006 

     A co-worker (believe it or not here in Citrus County, Florida), who was born in Panama and later came to live in the U.S brought in this old photo to show me.  I was confused at first as I was trying to figure out where in the Canal Zone was this picture taken.   The buildings are most typical of Panama Canal housing.  Probably twelve family.  Well, she told me that this photo was taken in Rio Abajo.  Long story short, PCC built these and other similar buildings in the Rio Abojo area for local rate retirees of PCC.  I was told there was even a small commissary in the area where the retirees could purchase necessities. Note the farthest building had caught fire for some reason.  My co-worker friend told me that she visited this area some years later when returning to Panama for a visit and found all the buildings gone.  This was 19th Street in Rio Abajo.  The young man and little girl are family.

What an interesting piece of PCC history that I never knew about.

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