Photo of the Week
April 25, 2004 

     Have you ever been driving along down the highway when a blinding rain storm hits?  How would you like driving this monster when a blinder hits?  CZ Images contributor Miguel Munar sent this one to me recently.  

Here is Miguel's description:
     "Rain In the Cut: I was onboard this Panamax container vessel (assisting 
the Bow Pilot) when just before entering the cut southbound came down this huge blinding squall. Good thing we were not to meet any ships from this point to Pedro Miguel. We (me and the control Pilot) could barely see the bow ahead. The Control Pilot did a great job keeping her in the center of the channel until it was all over some 10 minutes after. At some point we could only see the first two container lines in front of us."

     I couldn't imagine being in a situation like this.  I remember one day I was out fishing in Gatun Lake and a blinding storm like this hit.  On the way back to Gamboa there was a ship that ran aground in Mamei Curve.  Evidently, the pilot could not see and missed the curve.  The pilot would have been on compass and should have been calculating the minutes and speed before turning, but it must not have worked in that situation.

     You have to cheer on these Panama Canal Pilots

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