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October 25,  2009 

I am sure most of you either saw this scene when you ventured on top of Cerro Luisa or in photos, but you have see nothing like this snap shot!  Another wonderful photo from the collection I have on loan.  This photo is very early and must have been just a few years after the Canal opened.  Here is a view looking (what they call) north of the vintage town of Paraiso.  Paraiso during this time frame was the headquarters of the Dredging Division prior to relocation to Gamboa (hence this photo is 1920's vintage).  In the photo can still be seen the old Pedro Miguel Round House and railroad maintenance faculty, the floating cranes Hercules and Ajax and if you look good, you can see the floating pivot bridge that used to be the only method of getting from to and from the East and West Banks of the Canal.  This bridge was used once the cut was well underway and the relocation of the Panama Railroad was finished on the East Bank.  The bridge served as a connection to the last construction towns on the West Bank.  Later a ferry was used for a few years.  You notice that Paraiso is not constructed as we all knew it.  Most of the housing at this time was behind the hill next to the railroad maintenance facility. 

Now.....the most exciting part of the photo is the long passenger train coming down the Paraiso grade entering Pedro Miguel station.  There are seventeen passenger cars being pulled by a grand old steam locomotive.  

This photo is from a personal photo album and is a one of kind super capture in time.


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