Photo of the Week
November 17, 2018

A few months ago I was told that the old Miraflores Swing Bridge was destined for the torch and dismantling.  I did a series of photos of the week about the old bridge which was truly a significant icon for all Zonians.  Click date to view series pages Jan 7, May 13, May 20, May 26

Well the time has come where the bridge is going....going....gone.  Above is a very nice and clear photo of the East Bank portion of the bridge sitting in it's glory.  I don't have a date for this photo.  The next photo down was taken by CZ Images contributor Bill Fall on one of his transits.  This photo shows them in the beginning stages of demolishing and removing the counter balance portion of the short end.  The next photo down is the bridge now stripped and appears to be cut in half.  The floating crane Titan is hooked up and ready for the lift off the wall.  The last and very sad photo is a portion of the bridge sitting on the deck of the Titan.  I read somewhere that the bridge parts will be sold for scrape to be melted down into something else.

I hope to get more photos in the future.  It appears they removed the turret that the bridge rested and rotated on.  I would love to see how that was removed as that was a massive construction effort when built.

The last two photos were sent to me and taken by anonymous persons.

Miraflores Locks will never look the same.





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