Photo of the Week
April 12, 2003

This week's Photo of the Week is of a special monument that I doubt many American Zonians ever knew about.  I was shown this little piece of forgotten history while in Panama three weeks ago.  It sits off the side of the road at the Paraiso Hill exit/entrance road in Paraiso.  There was no dates or reference to what war/s.  It appears that this plaque is a replacement as there are some larger holes in the concrete the once held a larger and probably bronze/brass plaque.  It must have been stolen and replaced with this aluminum plaque.  Listed on this plaque are:

SGT Jose Molinar Ceballos
PFC Benjamin A. Franklin
PFC Gilbert D. Francis
SPC4 Irvin Clark, Jr.
PFC Sidney C. Squires

May they not be forgotten.

Pray for no more war. 

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