Photo of the Week
December 19, 2004  

     With the cold weather upon us who now live in more Northern parts of the world, I thought a picture of warmer times and warm memories was in order this week.  Anyone who visited Summit Gardens back in the old days will recognize this scene.  The narrow black-top road that ran through the park took visitors to the many picnic tables, recreation areas, and of course the Lilly Pond.  The above stretch of road passed by a large field with picnic tables on the left.  Each year the Elks Club would hold a big picnic in which many Canal Zone residents attended.  I will never forget these picnics because most of my friends were there and we would explore all of the park.  Oh...yes and there was those delicious Venison Burgers that they barbequed. Down at the bottom of this stretch of road the Bamboo grew tall and thick which created the tunnel look.  There was a walking trail that followed the long rows of Bamboo trees that eventually ended up passing one Lilly Pond and then finally ending by the large Lilly Pond.  We found a dead Coral Snake along that trail one day. I was always very cautious after that find.
     Great memories of home always warm the hearts and souls of us Zonians. Long live the memories of our Canal Zone home. Another great photo from the Clint Fewell collection taken back in the 1940's.
      Stay warm everyone and have a wonderful Christmas.  God Bless all of you!

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