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November 18, 2007 

Last week's photo of the week sparked some good comments to me and some great images sent in by long time contributor Andrew Fraser.  After he sent these in to me, I realized I had the same 1950 vintage post cards in an album I have. Well, thanks to Andrew, the mystery is solved from last week.  Here are two 1950 vintage post cards that were probably taken on the same day as last week's photo.

The caption for the image above is:

"Entrance to pier area, Cristobal, Canal Zone.  Terminals Building is on the left and Customs Station on the right."

The caption for the image below is:

"R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth and the S.S. United States, two of the world's largest tourist liners  docked at Cristobal Harbor, at the same time."

So, there you have it.  I guessed the S.S. United States last week, but didn't know that the other ship was the R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth.

Here is a note from Andrew when sending me these images:

"I don't know if you are aware of the circumstances when these photos were taken in the 50's but anyway, all those big ships at the time were "transatlantic liners" running between Europe and New York.  In the winter months when the dry season would kick in, they would put them on the tourist runs into the Caribbean."

This is great stuff.  Reliving our Canal Zone history.  I doubt if anyone at the Cristobal piers area today would remember this glorious day.


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