Photo of the Week
March 16, 2003

Last week's photos were more modern aerials of the Atlantic and Pacific entrances to the Panama Canal.  This week is another great aerial of Miraflores Locks and the Pacific entrance to the Canal.  This one was taken in the early 1940's.  There is a large Aircraft Carrier being locked up with another war ship approaching.   Beyond Cocoli Hill, you can see the Third Locks channel being dug.  A dipper dredge can be seen digging.  I am not sure what the item is in the upper left hand corner of the photo is.  Part of the aircraft I am sure.

I am heading down to Panama on March 22nd and will be posting the Photo of the Week from Panama the next two weeks.  I plan to take a bunch of photos while I am there and you will probably see some right here.

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