Photo of the Week
March 8, 2009 

As promised last week, more of Pan American Airways at Albrook.  Not sure if this is the exact same airplane that is in last week's photo, but there is a good chance that it is.  This PAA Clipper is unloading passengers at the Albrook Air Terminal otherwise known to us in later years as the Civil Affairs building.  The thing that really caught my eye was the name of the plane.  As you see in the blow-up below, this was the Clipper Endeavor.  I find it interesting after all these years that NASA has a Space Shuttle name Endeavor.  Maybe this is a common name in the world of flight.

Another wonderful old image scanned from a 35mm slide that CZ Images contributor Clint Fewell took during his time in the Canal Zone (circa 1940's).  Thank you Clint.


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