Photo of the Week
March 13, 2005 

     Two weeks ago I posted an 1940's photo taken almost in the same position as this photo's photographer stood, but about 15 - 20 years later in the mid or later 50's.  All of us remember the Gran Morrison store on the corner seen here in this photo.  I was looking for one taken in the 60's / 70's when Morrison had a larger facade on the building covering up the original looks of the building below sheets of sheet metal.  In the photo above, you can see the second floor windows of the building.
     Shown below is what Gran Morrison looks like today.  The old building is now deserted and the facade has been removed leaving just the supports that once held the facade.  This old building has seen much in it's life time and should be considered one of Panama's historical buildings.  Over the years, the old building was sandwiched by newer buildings which are probably holding it up. The arrow is pointing to what I call the builder's stone.  Page down to a close up of this stone which shows who the building was built for in 1908.  It reads "CONSTRUIDO POR COUREL RIVA FLECHA Y CIA  ANO.1908".  As you can see, it is in very bad shape and will probably fall soon.  I hope that this old building is preserved so future generations can appreciate the architecture of Panama in it's early days of independence. 

Photos below taken by Allan Hawkins for CZ Images.


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